Monday, May 4, 2015

3 Months

At 3 months, Landon...

... is 17 pounds according to our scale at home (a whopping 6lbs more than his sister at this age!)

... is 25" long

... is wearing 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers

... still sleeps a lot during the day and is getting better at night. Some nights he does still want two feedings, but other times he's content with just the paci and goes back to sleep that second time. Unfortunately he has started waking up at 5 just cooing and smiling at me (so adorable, but a little early for my liking). I discovered though that he'll go back to sleep if I lie him down next to me. Didn't really want to start the co-sleeping thing, but hey it's the only way to get some extra sleep.

... has discovered his hands and tries to shove as much of them in his mouth as possible!

... is a bubbly and drooly mess most days.

... is getting better at tummy time and has great control of his head while sitting in my lap.

... loves to kick his feet and swing him arms around

... has really found his voice. He loves to "talk" to us and has started giving us some sweet little giggles

... wants to be held pretty much all the time. He will play on his activity mat for maybe 10 minutes or so, but that's about his limit. Showers have become difficult, because he usually screams almost the whole time until I pick him up again. And he hates being in his car seat, so most car rides are full of crying.

... loves his big sister! The other morning after I got Sophia out of her crib she went running into our room and said good morning baby, I happy to see you! He then gave her the biggest smile. It's so sweet watching them together!

And at 3 months postpartum, I've lost another 4 pounds. Still have a long way to go, but it's slowly coming off. I'll get there eventually.

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Day in the Life

I haven't done an A Day In The Life in awhile and since we now have Landon, thought it was time. As always, no two days are alike for us, but here's how last Wednesday went.

A day in the life of Sophia and Landon:

I was up with Landon a little after 1, 4, and then up for the day at 6:45 when I had to get up for Sophia. Almost every day she wakes up at 6 when Andrew gets up. He turns a show on for her while he eats breakfast and browses the web and then, if I'm not already up, he wakes me up so he can shower.

For breakfast today, Sophia requested muffins (strawberry yogurt muffins) and cuties. My little man, as always, demanded to sit on my lap as I ate.

Once Sophia finished up her breakfast, we moved into the playroom and Landon got his breakfast.

While I was nursing Landon, Sophia read a book and played with some toys. When he was done, we got her dressed and then she said "me hold baby"! 

Then it was time for our walk.

This is how shower time now goes. I turned a video on for Sophia (Curious George) and Landon sits in the bouncer (although he doesn't stay happy there for long). After my shower I nursed Landon and he took a little nap on my lap while Sophia played until lunch time.

For lunch today, Sophia had dinosaur chicken nuggets (still one of her faves), a few tater tots and, her latest obsession, carrots with ranch dip!

Every day after lunch, before going upstairs for her nap, we have to race her cars down the track twice.

Nap time!

I nursed Landon until he fell asleep and then managed to transfer him down so that I could do some cleaning.

Once Sophia woke up from her nap (early thanks to the UPS guy ringing the bell...) we loaded up in the van and dropped off some books at the library and then did a little shopping at Walmart.

When we got back home, Sophia had some applesauce for snack and then played with her toys while Landon once again nursed. I guess her pony also needed a snack; puzzle pieces and then water from that pot beside her. I love watching her use her imagination!

The kiddos hung out with dad while I got dinner ready. Sophia requested peanut butter & jelly. She also got some peas and a slice of turkey bacon (from our dinner).

Our post-dinner routine is that she spends some time with dad while I clean up dinner and then nurse Landon. Tonight they played some hide-and-seek (her fave) and then read some books.

Then, since it was so nice out, I took her outside to play and Andrew stayed inside with Landon since he was taking his post-dinner nap. We kicked around the ball, played tag, and frisbee

We all watched some YouTube videos together until it was time for Sophia's bedtime. I changed her diaper and into jammies before brushing her teeth. Then Andrew read her a bedtime story and tucked her in.

My little guy nursed again and then hung out with me while we watched my current binge watch show, Parenthood!

And finally at 9:00 we headed upstairs for his bedtime snack before getting myself ready for bed.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Our family had a very nice Easter. The weather cooperated and it was so nice outside!

The morning started with Easter baskets. Sophia got so excited when she saw them sitting out on the couch.

After breakfast (bunny cinnamon rolls) and showers/bath, it was time for our egg hunt. She loved it!

My family came over to our house around 11 and we had a delicious turkey lunch with lots of yummy sides. After lunch my mom had an egg hunt for Sophia and Brandon.

Egg hunting is serious business for Sophia! haha

Then it was time for our annual egg peck game. If you haven't heard of it, two people hold a hard boiled egg and hit their eggs together (some more aggressively than others) and the winner is the egg that didn't crack.

The championship round came down to my brothers Chad and Dillon. Chad won this year!

Sophia really wanted to play, too, so we attempted battle of the babies. Brandon wasn't so sure about this game, though. Maybe next year!

The boys, of course, played some wii and then we finished the afternoon playing out in the field and at the park!

Friday, April 3, 2015

2 months

At 2 months, Landon...

... is 14lbs 12oz (93%)! My little chunkaroo.

... is 24" long (90%)

... is wearing size 3-6 month clothes (some 0-3 still fit) and size 2 diapers, although I think he's almost ready for size 3 already. This boy is growing too fast!

... is still a great nurser (obviously) and does fine taking a bottle, too. Andrew watches him one night a week while I take Sophia to her gymnastics class, so I've been having to pump for that. Thankfully he hasn't had any problem going back and forth.

... still sleeps the majority of the day. I tracked it the other day and he was only awake a total of 6 hours. He's a pretty decent sleeper at night, too. He's generally asleep by 9:30, sleeps until around 2:30 and then again until 5 and we get up at 6:30. The thing I'm most excited (and hopeful) about is that most nights when I lay him in the pack 'n play he wakes up but then after giving him paci, rubbing his cheek a little bit, then turning off the light, he goes right to sleep by himself! Sophia would never do that, so I'm hopeful he'll be a good sleeper.

... will only nap in my arms or the carrier. Which has made things pretty tough. However, I've discovered a little way to trick him. After he falls asleep in my lap, I very careful transfer him on the boppy down onto a pillow in place of me. It usually works for a little while at least!

... loves bath time!

... still not a tummy time fan. He's getting strong though and can lift his head up. He will try to hold his head up while sitting in my lap, too.

... really likes his activity mat. For a little while, at least. Sophia always has to go lay by him when he's down there, too.

... is starting to coo, smile, and has given us a couple giggles. So adorable!

And at two months postpartum, I've started exercising and have lost another 4 pounds. I really need to kick it up a notch, and well mostly watch the eating, because I have a long way to go. But it's finally getting nice out and I've been able to get out and walk. I think things will get easier the more I can get outside to exercise.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Prep

Easter is almost here! I put up some decorations around the house this year.

I took Sophia to her first ever Easter egg hunt on Saturday. She had so much fun! Funny story, they had this huge area roped off for the hunt and had the kids walk all around the outline of the eggs until everyone was in. I told Sophia when the lady said go that she should run and get the eggs. Well, she only listened to the first half of my sentence. When they said go, she took off running literally across the field all the way to the other side! I had to chase off after her, past the kids and the parents laughing. It was too funny!

But once I caught up to her and pointed out the eggs, she quickly caught on and filled her basket!

They also had a little petting zoo that Sophia loved as well.

Once we got home, she had a blast opening up each of her eggs to see what candy was inside. I can't wait to see her reaction when she sees there is more on Sunday!