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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Day In The Life

I know I don't post much anymore and I'm sad to admit I took these pictures weeks ago and am just now getting around to posting them, but here is an updated A Day In The Life.

A day in the life of Sophia Evelyn...

I still don't sleep through the night, but I do fall asleep on my own now in my crib but usually end up in mom and dad's bed before the night is through. I usually am ready to get up and play around 7:00.

Mom says I'm a picky breakfast eater. She made me oatmeal, but I only took a couple bites and was done. I love my whole milk, though!

Then mom got me changed and it was time to play! I love all my toys. You might notice, though, that the chairs to my table are missing. Mom and dad moved them out of the room when I kept climbing up on them to get on things. I wish they would bring them back. That was lots of fun!

Since I didn't want much breakfast, it was soon snack time. Yummy applesauce!

Then it was time for a walk. I'm glad the snow is gone so we can get outside again!

After the walk mom needed to take a shower. I get to play in my exersaucer while she does that.

After a little more playing it was nap time. I still like to have mommy nurse me to sleep for naps, so I nap down on the floor in my room.

When I woke up mommy said we were having some girl time. Lunch (at Wendy's) and then some shopping!


After all the fun, when we got home I took another nap and then was ready for a snack when I woke up. Mom shared a granola bar and apples with me. Yum!


Then we read a book, although I don't like to sit still for long. I'd rather get up and run around the house with my buddy Max!

When daddy got home from work, he played puzzles with me while mom got dinner ready.

Tonight I had a cheese quesadilla and peas.

After dinner, mom and dad played with me for awhile until it was time for bed.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sunday, February 9

Thankfully we worried for nothing! She was completely fine the next morning!

Our plan for today was to go to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. The main reason, Wizzarding World of Harry Potter!

Our first glimpse of Hogwarts!

We first had to walk through Seuss Landing. I was really hoping there would be things she could do here, but she was still too little. We’ll definitely be back in a few years, though!

Almost there!

After a few pictures, we went straight to the castle. I’ve heard the lines can get long, so we wanted to get to that one right away.
While you go through the waiting line, there’s lots of neat things to look at that you’ll recognize from the books/movie.
The paintings were actually screens, so they’d move around in the frame.

Dumbledore’s office. The image didn’t really show up with our flash on, but he appeared on that landing above his desk and talked to us. If you look really close you can kind of see him.

They have a nice feature here for parents. You can stand in line together and then when you get to the front of the line they have a swap room. One parent will go on the ride while the other waits in a room with your child, then you swap so you don’t have to go through the line again. Unfortunately, Sophia wanted nothing to do with me leaving her, so I didn’t go on it. Andrew got very motion sick on it anyway, so I wasn’t too bummed about missing it.

Outside the castle there was a stage where we saw two different short shows that day. First was the Hogwart’s Choir. We watched them sing a few songs.

Then we noticed the pumpkin juice cart. We had to try that! I was a little undecided on it. It was very sweet.

Sophia loved the bottle, though! ha

Our next stop was Olivander’s. There was a bit of a wait for this. I think they said approximately 45 minutes, but I didn’t check to see if it was accurate. These pictures didn’t turn out well since they asked us to turn off our flash and it was dark in there. Here’s the best I got.
They picked a boy from the group and he got to choose his wand, or rather, the wand would choose him. Olivander picked one out and gave it to him and had him wave it while saying a spell. That caused the walls to shake and boxes fell. Not his wand. He tried a different one and something similar happened. Then finally he picked one and the room lit up and music played. He found his wand!
They then usher you into a (very expensive) gift shop, of course. We discovered that the huge waiting line was to control the number of people in the gift shop, since the actual time in Olivander’s was only a few minutes.


The street was lined with different shops. Most of them were just fake, but some you could go in.

They have food available at Three Broomsticks, which is connected to Hog’s Head bar.
The joke shop was one you could go in, so we checked that out while Sophia napped.

They had a lot of the actual things mentioned in the book/movie.

And that was connected to Honeydukes. Lots of yummy looking treats in here!

Right outside Honeydukes, the thing we were most looking forward to here, Butterbear!!!

We got both a frozen and regular one. Which ended up working perfectly since I preferred the frozen and Andrew preferred the regular. These were so good! I would have loved to have another one. We’re going to try to make them at home. We found the recipe online, so we’ll see how it compares.

They then had a Tri-Wizzard Tournament show going on at the stage. As much as I enjoyed the experience of being in Harry Potter world, since we couldn’t really do the rides with Sophia, I’m not sure it was worth the money for us. I think what would have made our experience better, was if these small shows they had were in an actual theater where you could sit and watch something longer. These only lasted maybe ten minutes and people just crowded around, so it was hard to see.

We noticed on the map that the Jurrasic Park area had a play area, so we wanted to check that out for Sophia. She was tired of being in the stroller or carried, so we wanted to be able to let her run a bit before getting back in the car. Unfortunately it ended up being for older kids and it looked pretty wild so I’m afraid she would have just been knocked over.

So we found a fairly empty area and let her run for a bit.

And that was it for us. We still had 3 more hours to drive to Valdosta, GA where we would be staying the night.
One last picture before heading out and of course she wouldn’t look.

The next day was a super long day on the road, back to Illinois. And in our hurry to get the day started and over with, we didn’t realize we left behind a bag of clothes. Cost us $20 to get it shipped back to us… Lesson learned!
But thankfully she once again did great in the car, no major meltdowns and lots of napping!

And then reality hit when we got home to this...